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What is Involved in a Myofunctional Therapy Assessment for Children?

As a Parent Interested in Myofunctional Therapy

What are we looking for?

Is your child breathing mostly through their nose or mouth?

-is there a tongue or lip tie impeding function? (breastfeeding/swallowing/chewing/speaking)

-how is the spacing in between their baby teeth? or crowding in developing adult teeth?

-Is there a deep overbite affecting how well they keep their lips together at rest?

-how well is their child able to function during the day and how well do they sleep?

-Is your child waking up well rested?

These are just some of the questions asked during your child's initial examination. We start with reviewing the medical and dental history and any concerns the parents have. Then we take a series of photos to assess child's structure, posture, teeth in occlusion and classification of tongue or lip ties present. After records are collected, we review the information gathered with parent and child to discuss the appropriate next steps. This may be a referral to a another practitioner or starting with a breathing or myofunctional program depending on the age and stage of the child.

My youngest assessments are on new born babies who are just days old, to retired adults looking to improve function and sleep quality.

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