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Vitamin D

The Sunshine Vitamin

More and more research on the importance of Vitamin D for a variety of functions has come to light over the last few years.

Vitamin D is mostly derived from sunlight exposure, diet, vitamins and photo therapy, also known as light therapy to supplement in more northern climates. However not all forms of supplementation are created equal. It is always best to get your vitamin D from the sun and a diet that contains vitamin D naturally. If you currently reside in the northern

hemisphere, then it will only be in the middle of summer that you can get adequate vitamin D1 from the sun.  In addition, your food will generally be depleted of nutrients and so this is when some forms of supplementation are generally recommended. Great sources of vitamin D can come from egg yolks, lard, seafood, organ meats and cod liver oil.

Please note that it is important to also supplement with vitamin K2 ideally in the form of MK7.

Vitamin K2 assists vitamin D to deposit calcium to appropriate parts of the body, for example, in teeth and bones, rather than in blood vessels. Website recommendations we refer to for more information are the &

We started to become interested in vitamin D & K, after attending a Collaboration Cures conference in 2019. Collaboration Cures is a great mix of health professionals who come together internationally every year to discuss topics of health and disease from their multidisciplinary areas of study. One of the lectures I attended that year was presented by a leading neurologist, Dr. Stasha Gominak, MD, which was about the importance of Vitamin D in sleep quality & children's health. We were blown away learning about the importance of vitamin D, K and B12 along with the correlations she was finding with her patients which had a major impact on their sleep quality. Sleep as we now know, is a critical factor for healing and physiological rejuvenation.  Recent research also shows that Vitamin D levels significantly impact the severity of the reaction to and recovery from the corona virus. The benefits extend well beyond healthy bone metabolism, which is critical for healing of dental surgical sites. Please review,, for more information. (Below, I've posted one of her most recent YouTube videos)

A world renowned dentist, Dr. Karl Volz at Swiss Dental Solutions,, owns and operates a progressive ceramic implant clinic and teaching centre in Switzerland. He insists on a level of 70 ng/ml (equivalent to 175 nmol/L which are how it is measured in Canada), before even considering treatment for his patients. He has spent considerable time reviewing the Vitamin D literature and his rationale for his strict requirement.

How do I find out my Vitamin D number?

Ask your medical doctor, naturopath, or nurse practitioner to write a prescription for blood work & schedule an appointment to your local lab.


Order a test kit online,( Tests kits are shipped directly to your home.  Once the blood has been analyzed, you will receive a complete report that is accessible through an online account.

What do I do once I have my number?

Once you have your number, go to and look up the vitamin D calculator.

Type in your:


-current daily supplement amount (IU's)

-current serum level (nmol/L- Canadian number)

-desired serum level (nmol/L) (Dr. Volz's recommendation, 175 nmol/L).

The calculator on Grass Roots Health will recommend a dosage of Vitamin D3 to take daily for at least three months. At 3 months your levels should be rechecked. An alternative higher dosage is also given and recommended to be taken for a shorter period of time. This is for patients needing to fast track getting their levels elevated due to an illness or aiding with medical/dental treatment recovery.

Once again it is very important to take Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D3 as it acts synergistically with D3 to optimize bone and dental health. Please take supplements with food to also improve absorption.

Visit for more information.

Vitamin D & Sleep

World renowned Neurologist discussing the benefits of vitamin D & B-complex to help with sleep issues she was experiencing in her practice

Dr. Stasha Gominak has multiple lectures and discussions online explaining the improtance of getting enough supplementation & testing to know what your number is and how to supplement to improve the quality of your sleep.

Please go to her website if you are interested in more information. She currently has an online resource, SleepRight, which is set up to allow more people access to her program to improve their sleep quality. 

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