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Alexandra Clinton


Myofunctional Therapist- AOMT

Breathing Optimization Coach- Patrick McKeown

Lactation Educator- CAPPA

Myomunchee Practitioner

Biological Dental Hygienist- IAOMT

Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)


After practicing in British Columbia for 10 years, I decided to return to Ontario to continue studying and building my practice.


These fields have been growing in momentum over the past few years, and I am constantly being asked by professionals and clients, where they can find more information, how they can integrate the information they have acquired, and how to find a professional who can provide these services?


Functional Oral Health was created to provide individuals and professionals with the resources and tools all under one roof. 

I came to the realization early on in my career that many patients were feeling discouraged with standard recommendations and wanted to know how their oral health might be impacting their overall health. I then proceeded to train with some of the best airway and myofunctional therapists on the planet and was able to bring these perspectives to my practice. This allowed me the tools I needed to help my patients of all ages understand how these factors impact growth and development of the oral complex, including their impact on airway, breathing, chewing, speech, orthodontic development, and sleep issues. 

I currently enjoy teaching healthcare professionals how to integrate breathing and myofunctional therapy programs, including biological dentistry techniques, into their current dental or healthcare practices.

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