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Breathing Optimization

Your Health Matters

A fundamental act of daily life that we all take for granted.

On average we take approximately 20,000 breaths per day.

However, unless it is performed correctly it can have a major impact on the quality of our lives as well as how long we live. We were given a nose for a reason. Proper breathing requires that we use our nose correctly to get the maximum benefit for the air we take in.

Whats wrong with mouth breathing?

Your mouth is designed to eat, drink & speak.

The negative impacts of mouth breathing are:

-dry mouth

-risk of inhaling unfiltered air, which overtime causes enlarged tonsils

-allergic reactions to allergens


-bad breath

-tooth decay

-gum inflammation (gingivitis)

-snoring & sleep apnea

-crowded teeth

-lack of proper jaw development

-tempromandibular disorders (TMD or known as jaw pain)

Benefits of Nasal Breathing:

-increases circulating blood oxygen & carbon dioxide levels

-slows down breathing rate

-improves lung volume

-filters out foreign particles

-humidifies, warms & moistens the air entering the lungs

-produces nitric oxide

For many reasons, a majority of people have developed the habit of breathing through their mouth, with the unknowing concerns this may cause for their facial development and related detrimental health effects.

All too often parents and patients attribute these problems to ‘genetics’. However, it is only in the last few generations we are seeing these issues and indeed MOST children today have some level of lack of space for all their teeth and under developed jaws.

Because...Form follows function.

It is now known that the primary causes of these disorders are created by environmental, dysfunctional breathing, swallowing & chewing habits instilled at birth.

Unless there are efforts to correct the these dysfunctional patterns; traditional therapies, such as braces, are not going to succeed long term.

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