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Myo Munchee

A Tool to Promote the Fundamentals of Myofunctional Therapy

A myomunchee is a functional chewing device that focuses on the primary concepts of myofunctional therapy.

The Myomuchee Promotes:

1. Nasal Breathing (breathing primarily through your nose!)

2. Functional Oral Resting Posture (lips closed and tongue lightly pressing on the roof of the mouth)

3. Encourages Chewing (this is how we build faces, jaws, and spacing for our teeth!)

4. Saliva Production and Correct Swallowing Patterns (saliva aka spit is natures toothpaste! Teeth and the oral environment are healthier when there is enough saliva). 

The standard American diet is very soft and does not allow for us to actively chew our food. The work of Weston A. Price spoke of this years ago in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

The lack of chewing negatively influences developing faces which is crucial as 60% of a child's skull is developed by the age of 6. To start looking at crowded teeth and discussing treatment at 12 years of age, in my opinion, misses the opportunity during the major phases of growth and development. Unfortunately, this is still not taught in traditional dental and orthodontic educational facilities.

There is however a massive shift happening.

Parents are asking more questions and doing their own research through social media platforms for options that are available in their communities. Awareness is growing for alternative treatments, primary known as interceptive orthodontics and airway focused dentistry. Additionally more practitioners are educating themselves and their team to offer these services to support patients. There is more of a focus on a collaborative approach with other members of the healthcare team.

We support collaborating with and  referring to chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, orthodontists, and speech language pathologists, to name a few, when discussing the whole body approach to care.

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