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Scheduling Your Virtual Appointments

Working with adults, children (of all ages) and families!


If you are inquiring to see if you or your child may be a candidate for myofunctional therapy, please follow the directions below:

Option 1: Ask Alex (30 Minute Virtual Call)

During this call, feel free to ask any questions regarding clarification on breathing optimization and myofunctional therapy programs, biological dentistry procedures and oral health care products and protocols. If you decide to explore myofunctional therapy and see if this treatment is right for you or your child, then we will set up a virtual consultation.

Click the Schedule Here button below to book online.


Option 2: Schedule the Virtual Initial Consultation

If you are interested in myofunctional therapy for yourself or child, or you have been referred from a healthcare professional, please click the schedule here button below to set up an appointment to get the process started. 

Please complete prior to your appointment:

-the comprehensive medical and dental history forms

-photos and video records outlined in the virtual oral assessment guide

-A secure video link will be provided through the Jane App on the day of your appointment (please test 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make sure its working.)

- We will review the records and photos together, formulate a treatment plan and answer all questions you may have.

Then if you are a candidate, and want to proceed with treatment, a follow up email will have all the details regarding costs, number of appointments and potential referrals to collaborative healthcare providers.


Next step is to schedule the Comprehensive Exam and this must be scheduled by Alex. 

Step 2: Schedule the Comprehensive Exam and Future Appointments

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